Opinion on Archery Range Etiquette

Archery range etiquette is not always the first topic that comes to mind when we’re excited about stepping into the range for the first time. However, range etiquette is vital to having an enjoyable experience while shooting.

Let’s talk archery range etiquette basics:

First, we should always be mindful of range safety. Following the directions of instructors, listening to line calls (bows up and clear to retrieve), and NEVER aiming in someone’s direction are all basic safety rules that should always be followed since rule ignorance can easily put you in an unsafe situation.

It is also important to refrain from rough-play in the range. Yelling, screaming, running, and wrestling should all be avoided. Playing rough can put you or others in danger, and it will also make your archer peers upset.

In the range, we should also be very mindful of the space we take up while we shoot. It is important to note the people on each side of us so we can be sure to stand far enough away from them when we shoot. This way, everyone will have the space they need to load their arrows and shoot without disturbances.

If you want to make friends at the archery range and be welcome back, it is also important to avoid bragging. Of course, taking a photo to show off your cool shot to your friends is always welcome. However, bragging to the others on the shooting line can be rude and unkind. It is important to consider that we all have our bad days, even the most experienced archers, and that archery isn’t always a competition. It is much easier to have fun if we build each other up on the line and refrain from tasteless boasting.

Etiquette at the archery range is always appreciated by fellow shooters and absolutely necessary to your safety. Before picking up a bow, remember that there are rules, and shared spaces are better shared with considerate people.

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