Barebow for Beginners

If you’ve been drawn to archery by the images of Katniss and Robin Hood, you’ve likely fallen in love with the look of barebow shooting. This is the style of shooting where the bow has no sight, and the archer relies on instinct for aiming. In an earlier post, I gave a breif overview of barebow shooting, but now we will look into that a bit more.

Barebow shooting is typically done with longbows, but it is also sometimes done with recurve bows. Longbows are the emblematic tv screen gracers, and they are also the most traditional form of bows. This style of bow is commonly shot with wooden arrows that have feathers on the end. Some barebow shooters will shoot the arrow off a shelf built into the bow, whereas other barebow archers will shoot the arrow directly off their bow-holding hand! Our favorite tv archers are often depicted shooting the arrows off of their hands like this.

Instead of a finger tab like the Olympic setup, archers usually opt for gloves to protect their fingers from the string. There are many different types of gloves, so I’d recommend testing a few at an archery range before making your final purchase.

These bows come very bare, but some common accessories include string silencers which, as the name implies, help to silence the string. When the string is released, it “twings” with vibration. String silencers help to eliminate some of the vibrating, therefore making the bow quieter.

Barebow shooting is popular for a variety of reasons, but if this sounds fun to you, then its certainly worth going for. After all, the world could always use more Katnisses and Robin Hoods. And it all begins with the plunge – but my blog will have all the building blocks you need to get you there.

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