Archery Blogs Every Beginner Needs to Know

1.Archery 360 – This blog has all the info any archer needs to know. Bows, arrows, communities, and competitions are all covered in detail. However, for beginners, I recommend this article on ways to enjoy archery.

2. Lancaster Archery – Lancaster is one of the best go-tos for archers of all experience levels, and they have a blog to help guide you through bow purchasing. One of my favorite articles is this one about Anthony Young which serves as great motivation for new archers.

3. Archery GB – This blog is written by some archers from Great Britain, hence the GB in the name, and this article on basic archery terms is super helpful for beginners.

4. The Infinite Curve – This blog is all about the art of archery, and I mean that literally. This post is one of my favorites, and it’s about the archery featuring artworks showcased on Olympic matchboxes.

5. My Archery Corner – Another favorite among those teaching archery newbies, and this post discusses all you need to know about beginner bows for youth archers.

6. A Blog for Archery Parents – This blog is exactly what it says, and it’s great for all the info you need to know to help your kids get into the sport.

7. Dutch Target – This is a blog all about archery in the Netherlands. It is interesting to check out the differences in their archery practices, and this interview with Ken Hargreaves is a fav.

8. Eat Sleep Archery – This blog is mostly geared towards the visuals of archery, so check it out for inspiration.

9. Morrell Targets – This blog is for those who are interested in hunting, and it has all the info you will need to get started.

10. Bow Life – This blog has a lot of information for beginners and experienced archers alike, but I really like this post on archery form. It is a technique that is different than mine, but I recommend beginners check it out, because the same method doesn’t always work for everyone.

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