How to Find Your Archery Community

For Kids:

For children interested in archery, summer camps are a great place to start. Check out local camps that involve archery, and your kids will experience that movie-magic archery they fell in love with while making a host of new friends.

Some local summer camps in NY that I’m a fan of are:

If your kids are home from camp and excited to keep shooting, check out your local archery ranges. Chances are, they have a program made just for kids, and maybe you’ll be inspired to try it too!

For Adults:

Archery can be just as fun for grown-ups. Perhaps you’ll relive your camp days, or maybe it’s a unique date night out. Either way, a great way to get started is to look for beginner classes at your local ranges.

Sometimes, local parks will even offer free archery lessons. so keep your eyes peeled!

Once you feel confident in your arrow flinging abilities, look for some intermediate classes at your local ranges. There, you’ll really start to feel like Robin Hood!

Here are some great ranges in NY:

For Hunters:

Hunting is popular among archers, and it is a quickly growing trend in NY as a way to ethically source meat. If you’re in it for the thrill of the kill, check out these archery clubs/online communities:

  • Blind Eye Outdoors – Even if you’re not interested in hunting, you have to check out this Youtube channel! It’s very inspiring, and their mission is to make hunting accessible to all, regardless of age or disabilities.

I hope this guide offers all you need to find your archery community. Now get shooting!

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